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All honor-bound to  serve and protect, each choosing their own line of heroic work throughout Texas. 

  • Siblings

  • First Responders

  • HEA

  • Protectors

  • Romantic Suspense 

  • Finding love on the job 



The first book in the Heroes of Lone Star Series. Each book is a stand-alone with no cliffhangers. Happily ever after guaranteed.



Charlotte lives by her no-commitment rule, but can Brooks convince her that they were meant to be more than friends?

Brooks was her dream. Her very wet dream but one blissful night at her best friend's wedding turned that into a reality. Unwilling to chance heartbreak, she pushes away the longing in her heart and rushes back to her old life. Until a frantic phone call has her racing to his side, questioning all of her old thoughts.

Charlotte was the curveball he didn't see coming. In one night, she rocked his entire world. Then she walked away, ignoring his request to stay. Now that he knows how good they can be, he's unwilling to give her up. That is until his job takes a wrong turn.

To protect and serve is all Brooks knows. But when his duty to the badge puts those he loves in danger, he must decide if Charlotte was right to walk away. Will he be able to push her away to keep her safe or will her stubbornness to help him win out?



The second book in the Heroes of Lone Star Series. Each book is a stand-alone with no cliffhangers. Happily ever after guaranteed.


A woman determined for a fresh start.
A firefighter with nothing to lose.

Chloe Daniels has a few new rules after watching her worst nightmare come to life.

  1. Don’t talk to a first responder.

  2. Don’t befriend a first responder.

  3. And most importantly, don’t fall in love with a first responder.

Jobless, heartbroken, and needing to start over, Chloe will need every self rule she has to rebuild her life in a new city. But she’s quickly realizing rules don’t seem to apply to her new sexy neighbor, a Houston firefighter.

Garrett Lynch has never had a problem talking to women. Getting them into his bed? Piece of cake. Until he meets his tempting neighbor who refused to even give him her name. Never one to back down from a challenge, he will have to pull out all the stops just to get her attention.

That is until an arsonist puts both of their lives in danger. Can love conquer all, or will they both get burned?



The third book in the Heroes of Lone Star Series.



Lucy’s family thought she married the perfect man: prestigious doctor, loved by all. Yet, no one really knew what happened behind closed doors. After finding the courage to leave, Lucy’s determined to find herself once again. Suddenly in need of a new place to live, she finds herself roommates with the new hunky paramedic. Will she have the courage to open herself up to someone she barely knows? Or will the choice be taken away from her when the man she’s determined to divorce would rather see her dead than with someone else.

Derek Murphy always knew he wanted to see the world, and joining the military after high school was his ticket to that endless adventure. That is, until witnessing a tragedy showed him that he wanted more in life. Determined to help others, Derek finds himself with the chance to prove his worth by protecting the woman he’s lusted over for years. The moment she agrees to move into his spare room, he vows to care for her and keep her safe.

Will Derek be able to save Lucy from her narcissistic ex, or will he be forced to live with another failure?



The fourth book in the Heroes of Lone Star Series.


Alexa Lynch has spent most of her adult life lying about who she was. Not even her family knew she worked for the CIA.

Now she can't outrun those lies when she's caught standing over her informant. Her very dead informant.

Charged with murder. Then released on bail. Alexa will have to try and discover who set her up. She will have to learn to trust the prison guard, Colt, who first thought the worst about her.

Colt Allen wasn't looking for love. Not after his first disastrous marriage.

Being a single father to a teenage daughter is enough. Dating - no way. But Alexa Lynch isn't just any woman. She's the one he can't stop thinking about. Confident. Gorgeous. A perfect 10. She's also the newest inmate in his prison.

He shouldn't want her. It's wrong on so many levels. It's easy to remember that while it's forbidden, but then he learns she's an innocent bystander.

If he were smart, he would just forget about her. Let her solve her own problems. Except the need to help her is strong. Even if it means making his life more of a mess.

But to what extent? People are still after her and they aren't afraid to drag his family into the mix. Can Colt and Alexa work together to keep everyone safe?

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