Charlie Team 

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Money can't buy happiness. Or morals...

Ashlynn is the billionaire princess who has everything she could ever ask for, but she's not living the life she wants. Trapped between obligation and following her dreams, an unexpected betrayal shows her just how bad being rich really is. When she's rescued by the sexy Charlie Two, she’ll have to decide if she's willing to sacrifice a love she's never known in order to maintain what's expected of her.

Bentley loves his job as Charlie Two. When a kidnapping assignment throws him into a world of wealth and privilege, where money is more important than family, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman stuck in the center of it all. Will Bentley and his team be able to protect her from those she thought she could trust?

Ashlynn’s Savior, book 1 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy billionaire romantic suspense read featuring a heroine who thought she'd never escape the life laid out for her, and the alpha protector who will do anything to show her that she is strong enough to break free from her gilded cage. Happily ever after guaranteed.

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Winning her heart won’t be easy. But he’s never backed down from a challenge…

Her abusive ex took everything from her. But she escaped—barely. Now, it’s time to start over. To learn how to live instead of just surviving. Love wasn’t in her future, though. She was sure of that. Until she met a sexy biker with the heart of a warrior and the kindest eyes she’d ever seen. That’s when everything changed…

He had the perfect life. Being leader of Charlie Team, putting his military experience to good use, was all he needed. Romance was for other people—never him. Then he saw a woman with the face of an angel and eyes that held a lifetime’s worth of pain. That’s when he knew he had to help her, protect her…and make her his...

Arlo’s willing to do anything to earn Leah’s trust and keep her safe. Too bad her ex has other plans for them…

Leah’s Warrior, book 2 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy contemporary romantic suspense read featuring a heroine who is stronger than she ever realized, and the alpha protector who wins her heart. Happily ever after guaranteed. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite series.

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Sometimes all love needs is a second chance...

Leslie wasn't who the world thought she was. Twelve years ago she was forced to abandon everything she knew, including her name and the man she loved. When the past she avoided for so long catches up to her, will she continue to suffer for others' mistakes?

Zack thought he had his future planned out until the woman he loved destroyed everything. Now, over a decade later, she's back. Will he keep blaming her for ruining him, or accept the possibility that happily ever after might still exist?

Zack’s Redemption, book 3 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy second chance romantic suspense read featuring a heroine who thought she left her dangerous past behind her, and the alpha protector who will do anything to protect her from it. Happily ever after guaranteed.


Two broken souls, one chance to heal...


Kyle Holmes has kept everyone at arms length since the day his entire unit was killed, leaving only his K-9 Blitz for companionship. He's settled into his simple life, until a woman and two toddlers show up. For the first time, he wants to push his demons aside to help these newcomers, but will he have the strength?


Missy Anderson has been a slave to her masters for seven years. Her life a seemingly endless nightmare. When an unexpected opportunity to escape presents itself, she's forced to accept the help of a man who suffers from his own hell. She wants to trust the damaged warrior, but will her heart let her?


Missy’s Champion, book 4 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy romantic suspense read featuring a heroine on the run, and an alpha protector who must learn to control his demons in order to keep those closest to him safe. Happily ever after guaranteed. 

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People aren't always who they appear to be...

Seeking revenge for her sisters murder was Jaime’s only purpose in life. She would do anything to get the answers she needed. Including kidnapping Kade Matthews, Charlie Team's last remaining bachelor. She thought she had the perfect plan, until an unsuspected foe throws her life into turmoil. Can she learn to trust a stranger?

Jaime was supposed to be the enemy. The woman who helped kidnap and torture him. But Kade can't stop thinking about the stunning redhead whose laughter stole his heart. Forced to help her, they will have to learn to work together. But when a joint mission goes wrong, will he be able to save her in time?

Jaime’s Vengeance, book 5 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy enemies to lovers story featuring a heroine who's only mission was to avenge her sisters death, and the alpha protector who won't stop until he has all the answers.


Happily ever after guaranteed.

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Bentley’s Forever is a Charlie Team Series novella that continues the story of Bentley and Ashlynn, first introduced in Ashlynn’s Savior.

Planning events was Ashlynn’s dream job. Paris was her dream city. Will those two loves be the reason for her next event? Her own wedding.

Bentley is more than ready to marry Ashlynn. There's just one problem. The man they’ve been hunting for years is now attending one of Ashlynn’s events. Can he and his team save her career while also stopping the threat?


A single mother with too many secrets.
A retired Marine determined to discover them all.
And a danger neither of them saw coming.

When Westley James left the Marines, he had only two things on his mind. Start a security company to protect those in need and to avoid dramatic women. Especially ones who are not who they appear to be. The first will prove easier than the second.

One split-second decision drastically changed Jennie Adams's life. Weighed down by secrets and living life on the run, she has no time for a man. Especially not a man like Westley, who is determined to learn all of her dark secrets. She will have to decide if some things are just better left in the past.

Can Westley convince her to stop running and let him protect her, or will he lose her forever?

Westley is a novel in the W.J. Protective Service universe with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after.

**While Westley’s story is not part of the Charlie Team Series, I recommend that it be read after the Charlie Team Series. This story runs parallel and includes a time hop of Westley’s life throughout the series with an underlying subplot.

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