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Protecting those you  love at  all costs

  • Siblings

  • First Responders

  • HEA

  • Protectors

  • Romantic Suspense 

  • Finding love on the job 



A second chance, enemies to lover’s prequel to the Blackguard Security Series.



For years, Daniel hunted his wife. Convinced she betrayed him in the worst way possible. So when he finally discovers she’s working for the enemy, he will stop at nothing to destroy her. Even at the expense of his new team.

After the death of her daughter, Emma gave up everything. Her life, her job. Nothing mattered except stopping the person responsible. Even if it meant hurting those she cared about. With a single-minded focus, Emma became someone new. But past sins have a way of returning.

Can Daniel forgive her long enough to work together, or are there some lines that just can’t be forgotten?

Crossing Enemy Lines is a prequel to the Blackguard Security Series. It contains its own HEA but has an overreaching subplot that will continue into the series.



The first book in the Blackguard Security: Phantom Series.


Karlie Holmes didn’t think it was possible for her life to get any worse.

Kidnapped and forced to deliver her baby on her own, being rescued was supposed to be the hope she needed.

What she didn’t plan for was to be placed in a medically induced coma. Or to wake up and not recognize the man begging her to live. And did he say, baby? Their baby?

Steel Jameson knew precisely what he wanted in his life. To marry Karlie and raise the baby he didn’t know existed.

But when Karlie wakes up from a coma and doesn’t recognize him, he quickly learns he will have to help her get her memories back because there’s one major problem — she’s the only one who can identify her kidnapper.

With her life still in danger, nothing will stop Steel from keeping her and their baby safe.

Not her family.

Not his team.


And certainly not the man who claims she’s his.



The second book in the Blackguard Security: Phantom Series.


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Teasing Chance Williams was supposed to be fun. A way for Maddox to show him she wasn’t who he initially thought. And maybe even loosen him up some.

It was definitely not supposed to end with him dragging her to the laundry room and showing her what all those stiff suits he liked to wear were really covering up.

Maddox was a one-and-done kind of woman. For ten years, she lived her life on the run with no one knowing her true identity. Until Chance came along and screwed everything up. Now her past was rearing its ugly head, and she had to decide whether to run or stay and fight. She’ll soon find she chose wrong, and Chance wasn’t willing to let her go that easily. Not until he proves she’s not behind his team’s recent problems.

Life was supposed to have order, a plan, or at least that was how Chance assumed he would live. That is until Maddox came on the scene. Leather pants, vintage band tees, and purple hair didn’t fit the mold Chance envisioned. She was everything he wasn’t supposed to want. Now, with a traitor in their midst, the only way to flush them out was by using Maddox.


When things go horribly wrong, Chance will stop at nothing to find her and end the person who dared take her away from him.

November 30th, 2023

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